• Brezillya Anggraini Universitas Tulungagung
  • Renita Tresna Universitas Tulungagung
  • Prinanda Vavo Universitas Tulungagung
  • Putri Rahayu Universitas Tulungagung
  • Ina Monika Universitas Tulungagung
  • Retno Sari Dewi Universitas Tulungagung
  • Erly Pangestuti Universitas Tulungagung
Keywords: Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution


Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is a forum for resolving technology-based disputes to make it easier to resolve disputes between parties, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or a combination of these three channels. In this article we usenormative juridical and qualitative approaches, where this article discusses regulations that implement or regulate Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in Indonesia, opportunities and challenges and recommends immediately making and ratifying regulations for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). In Indonesia Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is still in the beginner development stage, for example it is still in the process of processing complaints from consumers online. However, there are no regulations or laws that regulate Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in detail and clearly. Therefore, this article aims to encourage the government and authorities to create and promulgate Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in Indonesia.


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Brezillya Anggraini, Renita Tresna, Prinanda Vavo, Putri Rahayu, Ina Monika, Retno Sari Dewi, & Erly Pangestuti. (2023). ONLINE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ODR) AS AN ALTERNATIVE FOR DISPUTE RESOLUTION IN INDONESIA. INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR, 5, 282-291. Retrieved from

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