• Moch. Rio Basyari Universitas Tulungagung
  • Buyung Pangestu Universitas Tulungagung
  • Dwi Aniffatul Azizah Universitas Tulungagung
  • Tito Tirto Wicahyo Universitas Tulungagung
  • Mochamad Rizal Fadila Universitas Tulungagung
  • Widowati Universitas Tulungagung
  • Bambang Slamet Eko S. Universitas Tulungagung
Keywords: Drugs, Young Generation, Abuse


The drug problem in Indonesia remains an urgent and complicated issue. Over the last decade, this problem has become more prevalent, as evidenced by the significant increase in the number of drug addicts or users, the emergence of various drug crime patterns, and the expansion of syndicate networks. It is not only a concern for the Indonesian people but also for the global community, which is now facing a very worrying situation due to the increasing use of various types of illegal drugs. This concern is further exacerbated by the illegal drug trade, which has penetrated all levels of society, including the younger generation. It can potentially damage the lives of society and the country. The behavior of some teenagers who ignore the values, norms and laws that apply in society is another cause of the rise in drug use among the younger generation. Many teenagers are still involved in drug abuse in everyday life. Therefore, this research aims to explore solutions for resolving drug-related conflicts among teenagers.


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